REALSCAPE understands technology and the people behind it. The REALSCAPE team prides itself on its nimble nature and its unique capacity to anticipate tech trends and the ability to translate marketplace drivers into operational strategies.

Technology is complex. The strategies to support a firm's specialized high-tech solutions require attention to all moving parts. REALSCAPE understands the way they touch, overlap, and interact with one another, which enables us to make informed strategic recommendations that maximize returns and potential.



With over sixty combined years of executive experience spanning some of the biggest names in the industry, REALSCAPE is the de facto leader in technology consulting. Under our leadership of David Snyder, the team consults on a variety of topics ranging from portal and agile software development to data center transformation and consolidation activities, plus everything in between.



REALSCAPE staffs its team with highly qualified experts in their fields. They are trained to take an entrepreneurial approach with each project; this shifts focus toward innovative, outside-of-the-box solutions. Plus, REALSCAPE’s advantageous size gives its team a great deal of flexibility. This positioning empowers the team to achieve goals that other firms deem impossible, often ahead of schedule.



REALSCAPE hits the ground running, revving all engines to knock projects out. Its consultants work tirelessly to create solutions that get to market faster, more efficiently and with outstanding results. REALSCAPE analyzes each detail as well as the bigger picture; this approach yields substantially more effective long-term results on each and every project.


Recruitment strategies encompass a specialized area of REALSCAPE’s technology consulting services. At the end of the day, you need an external partner working with passive candidates to bring you the best talent possible, because human capital does matter. Let REALSCAPE’s consultants counsel you regarding complex talent issues and craft a seamless process, all the way from start to finish. REALSCAPE is a recruitment force multiplier that can help:

  • Reduce the time to hire
  • Screen candidates better than applicant tracking software
  • Significantly lower talent acquisition costs