Based in Cleveland, Ohio, REALSCAPE, is an innovative consulting firm focused on contemporary technology issues including software development and related support, adoption techniques, data center transformation and consolidation activities, and domestic repositioning of technology assets including related economic incentive consulting.

Founded in 2014, our leadership believes that success stems from three core areas:

  • Every business must have the right knowledge and wisdom to craft their own success
  • Every firm can rise to the top of its market with strong talent, insightful human capital investment strategies, and innovative business models
  • Success is not cultivated overnight by one or two individuals; it takes a strong team and a supportive community to realize and achieve ambitious goals
REALSCAPE was conceived when its founders first-hand saw the toll of industrial collapse in various cities around the globe. Faced with social decimation and decay, the team began helping companies improve their technological standing to support ongoing domestic repositioning objectives. In all cases to date, these efforts have immediately attracted intelligent, willing professional to support technology-centric firms. REALSCAPE also connects local universities and veterans with jobs in the sector, creating a robust fabric that empowers community-centered growth and the return of stable economics to some of the world’s hardest hit regions.